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Biotech Briefing: Sanford Burnham Prebys Says Off-the-Shelf Drugs Could Manage Zika

Plus: Organovo founder pays it forward, and MedCity News questions investing in oncology

Reports + Research

Editorial: Organovo Founder Pays It Forward

Keith Murphy, founder of 3D bioprinting company Organovo and founding CEO of Viscient Biosciences, suggests San Diego’s successful entrepreneurs should invest in seed stage companies and in venture funds to help our local economy grow.


MedCity News Questions Investing in Oncology

In another editorial piece, MedCity News asks the industry leaders, “Is too much money being invested in oncology?”  San Diego’s Jay Lichter, Ph.D., managing director of Avalon Ventures and president of COI Pharma, is still bullish on the space. “We finally have the tools to really understand and dissect the pathways—how the tumors grow and kill,” he said. “That kind of understanding of the biology always leads to a better understanding of the products you should develop.”


Sanford Burnham Prebys Says Off-the-Shelf Drugs Could Manage Zika

Fighting infectious diseases needs to continue beyond the outbreak. In a recent publication, researchers from Sanford Burnham Prebys and UC San Diego showed chloroquine and Gilead’s Sovaldi, which is approved to treat hepatitis C, could also be effective against the Zika virus.


Read + Listen

POW!  Podcast of the Week

Should we continue to worry about Zika? This podcast from Stuff You Should Know tells you all we know about Zika so far.

BOW!  Book of the Week

Here’s some free reading. Ten best sci-fi stories you can read online for free. Many of these were nominated for or won Hugos and Nebulas over the past few years.



It’s Happening Here

February 8–9
3rd Annual Genome Editing and Engineering Conference will take place in Mission Valley on February 8–9.

February 22
San Diego Venture Group is holding an expert panel on Fundraising for HealthTech at JLABS.

March 9
4th Annual UCSD Division of Regenerative Medicine Symposium will take place March 9 at the Sanford Consortium for Regenerative Medicine.

Client disclosure: Organovo, COI Pharma


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