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Biotech Briefing: Synthetic Genomics Speeds up Production of Flu Vaccines

Plus: TSRI receives donation for graduate program fellowships, and UC San Diego School of Medicine turns 50

Reports + Research

TSRI Receives Donation for Graduate Program Fellowships

The Skaggs family foundations have made a lead gift towards TSRI’s $100-million campaign to establish fellowships for all students in the institute’s graduate program.  The program will be renamed the Skaggs Graduate School of Biological Sciences.


Synthetic Genomics Working on Faster Production of Flu Vaccines

It’s been no secret that the flu vaccine process is ineffective. Because the production takes so much time, developers have to guess on what will be the problematic strain. Synthetic Genomics hopes that by speeding up the manufacturing process from many months to several weeks that the flu vaccines will be more effective against the rapidly mutating virus.


UC San Diego School of Medicine Turns Fifty

Founded in 1968, the school is celebrating its fiftieth year of focusing on “good science.” Many may not realize that clinical scientists and researchers teach medical school students at UC San Diego. By integrating the two previously separated fields of basic and applied science, the school believes it is creating doctors and scientists that better integrate science and scientific innovation into medicine.


Read + Listen

POW!  Podcast of the Week

“Why doesn’t everyone get the flu vaccine?” It’s a good question and this podcast from Freakonomics tries to answer it.

BOW!  Book of the Week

Still thinking about the flu vaccine?  Read Pale Rider: The Spanish Flue of 1918 and How It Changed the World.



It’s Happening Here

February 3–7
SLAS2018 will be held February 3–7 downtown at the San Diego Convention Center. The conference will include an expansive educational program focused on life sciences discovery and technology.

February 22
San Diego Venture Group is holding an expert panel on Fundraising for HealthTech the evening of Thursday, February 22 at JLABS.


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