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“Science needs you!”

May 17, 2017 Comments (0) Views: 508 April 2017, People, Short Stories

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Meet a local #ActualLivingScientist

Megan Jennings joined the #actuallivingscientist movement on Twitter to help the average person feel connected to scientists and researchers. A conservation ecologist at SDSU, she studies how urbanization affects local wildlife, especially large felines.

Here are three things we learned from her account:

  1. Bobcats are able to live closer to cities than pumas, as they can adapt easier.
  2. Jennings and Caltrans are researching how to make Route 67 in East County safer for wildlife to cross and prevent accidents.
  3. The proposed border wall could affect dozens of threatened species, like desert bighorn sheep, owls, wolves, and jaguars.
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