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Wrapify is Taking Advertising to the Streets

Average drivers are at the core of the San Diego company’s ad platform

Cars covered with the ESET Antivirus logo, maybe you’ve seen them. Perhaps along Interstate 15. But have you ever wondered who’s driving them and why? Turns out they’re average drivers like you and me. And it’s all because of a San Diego company called Wrapify.

“Wrapping a car is just part of what Wrapify does,” says James Heller, cofounder and CEO.

Heller stresses that Wrapify is different from the wraps you’d see on a bus station or trolley. Those are stationary or stick to set routes and don’t do anything to collect data.

Wrapify at its core is an ad platform. In addition to high-visibility campaigns, companies can target a specific demographic based on location and use cell phone and real-time traffic data to monitor how many people might see their ad. “We can tell you where you will have the highest propensity for that audience,” Heller says.

Wrapify also has a feature called Swarm that directs drivers to a spot that’s heavily populated by the client’s target demographic at a certain time.

“We built out tools that allow a brand to hone in on the right area,” Heller says.

Wrapify pays drivers to offer up their cars for advertising space. Drivers 21 and up with a clean driving record can make extra cash by allowing their car to be wrapped in a company’s brand for anywhere between four weeks and a year. There are three levels of wrap coverage, and the more a car has, the more the driver gets paid. The first step is downloading the Wrapify app, which will log a driver’s routes for 50 miles before they can qualify to get their vehicles wrapped. Afterward, the app will alert the driver to a campaign in their area via push notification. Then the car goes in to get wrapped and the driver hits the road.

Since Wrapify was founded two years ago, it has spread to 30 cities and has about 54,000 drivers signed up. The company has run wrapped car campaigns for several big-name companies, including Anheuser-Busch, eBay, Lyft, and Petco.


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