The People Making it Happen in San Diego Real...

Mesa College Has a New STEM Center

December 8, 2017 Comments (0) Views: 174 December 2017, Long Stories, Real Estate

Inside San Diego’s Real Estate Boom

A look at the biggest upcoming projects, the people behind them, and the possible impacts

Sales of some of downtown’s most iconic commercial buildings have been sky-high this year. Vacancy rates are falling. High-profile redevelopment projects are lining up. Here’s a look at the people and projects that have us buzzing.

The People Making it Happen in San Diego Real Estate

When cracks in the facade begin to show, these people find ways to make our built environment serve a growing, changing population with style and substance

San Diego’s Biotech Real Estate Boom

The building business is also booming north of downtown San Diego, and life sciences companies’ campus expansions are leading the pack

The Rent Crisis in San Diego

Average rents have eclipsed $1,800 and rents have increased more than 30 percent in the last eight years


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