San Diego’s Most Innovative New Products 2017

San Diego’s Biotech Real Estate Boom

December 6, 2017 Comments (0) Views: 224 December 2017, Innovation, Tip Sheet

Dispatch: Innovation Around the Globe

Updates and impacts from four different cities around the world

Line Islands

New discovery
A study led by San Diego State University biologists led to a new method of screening hitherto unknown molecules generated by coral reefs for their therapeutic potential.

Orlando, Florida

World record
La Jolla–based Edico Genome and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia set a Guinness World Record by analyzing 1,000 human genomes in just 2 hours and 25 minutes.

Barcelona, Spain

Business boost
San Diego–based tech company Mitek bought ICAR, which provides identity verification services in Spain and Latin America, for $15 million.

Shenzhen, China

Device Intelligence
Qualcomm and SenseTime Group Ltd. are working together on artificial intelligence and machine learning for future use in mobile devices and “internet of things” projects.


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