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Mark Lovett backstage at TEDxSanDiego 2015

September 15, 2016 Comments (0) Views: 716 Blog, Life on the Mesa

Life on the Mesa: TEDxSanDiego Aims to Leave a Legacy

“Global Patriot” Mark Lovett produces spectacular shows that highlight local visioneers

Come sit by me…

Gotta love a man who goes by the title “Global Patriot.” Mark Lovett spends his days pushing others’ “ideas worth sharing” to the spotlight, while it is him who truly deserves center stage. We met years ago at Green Flash Brewing Co. I was slingin’ Swieners while he was slingin’ solutions for world peace. Mark had handed me a card that read “Global Patriot.” In short, patriotism without borders. His vision struck a chord deep within. I carried that card around for years. And then, last fall, he walked up the staircase to the BellaV.

Sure, the man might be one of the tallest in town, but it was his pure heart that was most memorable. We rekindled the conversation and I learned about his more recent gig, TEDxSanDiego. Mark has been producing spectacular shows that highlight our region’s visioneers. This year’s lineup includes Scott Klemmer from the UC San Diego Design Lab, Thomas Albright and Janelle Ayres from SALK, Gill Sotu, Artist in Residence at the Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation, and the dynamic duo Navrina Singh and Regina Bernal on Cross Border Innovation. There will be an Innovation Alley for guests to learn and interact with our region’s top new start ups. And to bring down the house, a performance by Culture Shock.

Mark is always searching for innovative ideas that lead to impact. Perhaps the paradox is that he himself has some of the best ideas in town, his willingness to support and collaborate the most impactful. Mark pioneered last fall’s first bi-national event, TEDxMonumento258, positioning San Diego as a beacon for collaboration for cities worldwide to model. He also helped produce TEDxKids@ElCajon, the brainchild of Superintendent David Miyashiro, which featured students from the district's TED-Ed Clubs. These clubs are designed to give students the tools and platforms to research topics that matter to them and share their stories and ideas on a TEDx stage. Mark’s most memorable speaker? The young refugee Mudasir, displaced by the war in Afghanistan.

When I asked him about next month’s upcoming show, Mark revealed that this year there will be no name tags. “You mean no lame tags?” I responded. Yes! He gets it! He smiles and says he’s got something new, “Life without Labels.” It will be fascinating to see the guests come in and not rely on name tags, but rather the cosmos to connect them with the right people. We also spoke briefly about another upcoming series that will blow your mind. You can be sure the second we get permission, we will share Mark's latest genius.

Mark left us with one last thought. Through TEDxSanDiego, he is capturing stories and big ideas that “kids 100 years from now will be able to find and view.” Since its founding in 2010, TEDxSanDiego has featured 136 speakers and captured 3.3 million views. A dear friend at the table, Alexis Dixon, chimed in: “These TEDx talks are the new cave paintings, they are our modern day hieroglyphics.” Mark is leaving a legacy. And we are blessed to have him as our region's “Global Patriot.”


Upcoming events on the Mesa (I'll be at the fun table…)

Would you check out the list of events going on this week! The previous proved a bit of a snoozer, but we are definitely back in full swing on the Mesa. Dive in!

Hera Venture Summit 2016
September 17, 8:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m., USD
Have to give a huge shout out to the Mesa legend and Rady School of Management alumnus Silvia Mah for this Saturday’s Hera Hub Summit. Up at USD this Saturday so register now, ladies! This all-day event is jam packed with keynote speakers, panels, session tracks, and even a resource fair during lunch. Female angels investors will have the opportunity to meet our female founders. This summit is a fantastic opportunity to find funding. Hera Hub’s got you.

San Diego Solar: An Energy Dialogue
September 19, 8:00-10:00 a.m., Sanford Consortium for Regenerative Medicine
What can we say? San Diego seems to be the pioneer in many great areas these days. Come learn more about our role as a leader in solar power energy from local experts. SDG&E, Sullivan Solar Power, and OneRoof Energy will be dropping some knowledge on clean energy issues and their importance and impact on our region’s economy and environment.

Festival of Genomics
September 19-21, SD Convention Center
Base Camps Workshops on the 19th Alexandria Building Torrey Pines

Will you be a part of what they are now calling the “Genomic Revolution?” Well if you hang on the Mesa, odds are fo’ sho’! 100+ speakers covering Genomic Medicine, Cancer Genomics, Enabling Data, Transcriptomics (no, I didn’t make that one up), Single Cell Analysis, Genetic Counseling, Data Sharing with GA4GH. Check out the guide. Free registration… Be there!

SBP NPAW: Networking with San Diego Biotechnology Network
September 20 4:30-7:30 p.m., SBP Medical Discovery Institute
It’s Post Doc Appreciation Week, so come and show some love. San Diego Business Network will be hosting this shindig at Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute. This group knows how to rock a networking night.

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