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Carlsbad's ViaSat is one of the big players in the cyber security game. Photo: ViaSat

June 28, 2016 Comments (0) Views: 568 Blog, Startup Buzz

Downtown Buzz: San Diego Cyber Security is Having a Moment

This week’s business and tech news from around downtown

Follow the Money

Downtown’s Reflexion Health just closed an insider-led $18 million Series B round. CEO Dr. Joe Smith plans to use the funds to complete a clinico-economic evaluation of the product, continue product development, and to scale into health care systems.  


SD vs. SV

After all the recent buzz about San Diego’s startup scene and its potential to compete with Silicon Valley, some of the not-so-enthusiastic members of the SD community have popped up. Here is the latest reality check from KPBS.


Cyber Hub

If you are on the ground in the startup world, you know you can’t turn around without running into something related to cyber these days. Turns out the numbers back up what we are seeing. San Diego has seen a 19% growth in cyber security jobs in the past year. The Union-Tribune reports that there are now 4,230 people working in the sector compared to 3,550 last year. From the big boys at ESET, ViaSat, and Qualcomm, to the smaller companies like LP3SecureIT and those incubating at the Hive, the growth is robust and mainly credited to the presence of SPAWAR here in San Diego.  


Startup Week in Review


Border Economy

On the heels of the first cross-border track at Startup Week, now Worth is touting the value of San Diego’s border economy to businesses.  


Be There or Be…

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